Monday 23rd November

I have to admit I am a little bit nervous about writing the blog! My thoughts aren’t something I’m used to sharing if I’m honest. Anyway here goes…

It has been a quiet weekend overall, we’ve only had five guests since Friday.  They crossed over on one day so it was very manageable between Zuzanna and myself.

Again we had ANOTHER two birthdays celebrated at our home.  It would seem that every German who walks through our front door is here for their birthday! This time is was a mother and son who were celebrating, two days apart.

The father would come down in the morning and arrange presents on the table – moving all the food out of the way to create a wall of presents around one of the place settings. We gave the mother a bunch of orange roses and baked a banana and chocolate cake for their son, which was very much appreciated.

Sally has been recovering from her eye operation these last few days, and it has wiped her out.  She needs as much rest as possible and Zuzanna and I have been insistent that she stays out of the office, which we have succeeded in doing for the most part.

Sally had been planning a range of Christmas inspired food that we shall be cooking during the run up to Christmas as well as going through her old recipes from when she used to trade under the name The Secret Cooks in the early-90s.

Oh, I almost forgot the phone hasn’t stopped ringing this weekend with scammers pretending to work for Microsoft and trying to convince us that our computers have a virus!

I got so fed up that I decided to turn the tables on the last one that rang!

I’m the one in bold – the conversation went a little bit like this:

Parklands, Chris speaking, how can I help?

Your windows has a virus.

Oh no! Which one? 

Your main one.

Well, I have four in front of me.

The one you use most.

OK, but they all do the same job.

Look, sir, you need to log in, otherwise you are going to lose all your data.

I didn’t know you could log in to Sash windows.

Sash windows?

You know, the windows at the front of the house that let light in.

…suddenly the conversation ended.