Friday 20th November

Well, I am sitting in a hospital bed waiting for my op and as I will not be able to see clearly for a week, I thought I would capture what we have been up to these past few days.  We had a lovely guest from South Africa whose passion was wine – I took her to one of my favourite wine shops North and South so she could buy one or two bottles for friends she was staying with for the rest of her time in England. Whilst in the shop she commented on the good selection of South African wines  – always up for trying out something new – I purchased three of her recommendations – Reyneke 2012 Syrah Organic Grapes, Kleine Zalze Shiraz 2012 and Mullineux Swartland Wine of Origin 2012 Syrah, the last of which is earmarked for Christmas lunch!

I also nipped out to my favorite book shop Village Books and purchased a couple of books one being Ottolenghi’s latest Nopi and it was signed!!! So I’m pretty sure that will put an extra big smile on the face of the person I am giving it to on Christmas.

I have started to think up some breakfast ideas for the festive holidays and will be releasing them over the coming weeks but in the meantime I would suggest you start buying that extra bottle of wine and/or spirit as well as a few different teas or selection of nuts and dried fruits over the coming weeks so you don’t feel so broke in January.

The first recipe I will be releasing at the start of December, is a Christmas style granola and a matching muesli – you can also go that extra mile and put them in Kilner jars as they make a great homemade Christmas present. There is nothing quite like a homemade present, gifted and received. 

I was in M&S ten days ago and picked up their honeycomb/popcorn and salted caramel nuts – they are worth purchasing now as when I have left my shopping to the last minute the shelves are bare.  They make great stocking fillers and also great to have in the store cupboard for that unexpected guest or friend that pops round.


So as you can guess I will be out of action for the coming week or so, which means who will be writing my blog?? Well, I have asked Chris to step in and take over as he will be in charge of the B&B and will be able to tell you all about what has been happening.

Have a good weekend and I’ll be back very soon!