Sunday 23rd August

My lovely mother and daughter left yesterday morning; they crowned their holiday with tickets to see Hamlet at the Barbican starring Cumberbatch!  I was so jealous, I asked them how they enjoyed the production and they were speechless – words…

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Sunday 16th August

I had a mother and daughter who arrived after a long 7-hour journey from Cornwall on Saturday.  The mother was not sure if she was dead or alive after the journey, saying her daughter was too fast a driver.  These is…

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Thursday 13th August

The young man took me up on my offer from yesterday and helped me cook breakfast this morning. It was delightful to see him grinning from ear to ear as he turned the bacon and mixed the eggs in a bowl.  He listened and carried out…

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Sunday 9th August

We had an international table at the weekend, Spain, Germany and Italy.  It took a few minutes at breakfast for everyone to warm up and start chatting around the table. Thing that gets discussed after everyone has found out where…

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Saturday 8th August

I did one of my weekly shops to a certain supermarket (Lidl) and stocked up with the goods I find terrific value and quality.  I also bought some pink roses, two bunches for £4.00 – a no brainer really –…

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Friday 7th August

New guests for breakfast.  I always do my standard safe breakfast for the first day to see what everyone likes before I start adding different things or go shopping.  This morning the strawberries were not looking their best – I…

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