Thursday 6th August

The Dutch guests left today and I was sad to see them go.  They really made the most of their time – 4 nights and 5 days is a decent amount of time to spend visiting a City. Believe me, its hard work being a tourist, you need a holiday when you get home – you don’t rest!

They asked me the night before if I would cook them a vegetarian frittata, a first for breakfast.  It went down a storm.  I also varied the breakfast this morning as well and gave a spread of cashews, seeds, dried assorted raisins and prunes.

We have been repointing the front of the house and after three weeks the scaffolding came down and I now have daylight in my office.  The bedrooms are being refreshed one by one.  My fantastic builder is turning them around after 48 hours and Ali who sorts out the plants came over today to put her magic touch in the garden.



I have been sharing the new creams I brought back from Spellbound Herbals, with friends of mine.  I have been giving them samples of the products for them to take away and try out.  Several have rung me asking where they can get them – it’s such a great feeling when I get to help out my friends.

The website is They all seem to love the Arthritic cream and Fountain of Youth – it’s even been given a new nickname “magic stuff”!

I have checked the room for the new arrivals this evening to see that everything is in order, sometimes we forget something when its hectic so it’s a good discipline to give it a once over prior to arrival as it sets a good impression and you can only make a first impression once!

I was glancing through various B&B platforms today to see how others dress their rooms and I sense everything is just location, location and not about the personality of the home … food for thought really. I mention this as the last guests that left had booked by telephone, and because we spoke before they booked they said that they felt a connection and that is what made their mind up to book.  Not everyone wants to scroll and click.  I hope this is not the future as I would not like to lose that personal connection prior to someone arriving.

Jumping back to the garden, Ali got me some lovely new black Lilies for the garden and they look stunning.