Sunday 9th August

We had an international table at the weekend, Spain, Germany and Italy.  It took a few minutes at breakfast for everyone to warm up and start chatting around the table. Thing that gets discussed after everyone has found out where each other have come from is where they have been in London.  The weather was discussed of course, but this time was how wonderful it was and how they had brought the good weather from their own home!

It always makes me laugh how surprised everyone is when there is sunshine in London! Well the UK I should say…  When the weather is sunny the topic then swings to the garden and I get asked what the plants are called and the names of the trees.  No one ever questions why I do not have grass – on a sunny day my garden is a haven for those that want to sit quietly with one of my hounds that is ever eager to join someone on a garden seat or for a drink in the evenings to reflect on their day in town.  Even better with a chilled glass of something.