Tuesday 22nd December

Well, for the first time in a decade I have been empty for nearly two weeks – never one to dwell on it for too long, I have taken the opportunity to start writing my book! 23 years of having guests in my house should be enough material and I get told at least once a month I should do it by friends, family and guests

Talking of books, I  was recommended one by a client recently, Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.  After reading a review about it on the internet, I ordered two copies on Amazon as I knew I needed to have a copy of it.  It would also be a great present at Christmas for a girlfriend I had in mind!  I started reading it on Friday and since then I have been filling recycling sacks daily.  It was the push I needed to get me to let go and recycle, I must admit I am leaving the clothes til last, but I am on a mission and tomorrow I have set aside a couple of hours to do books!


The lovely Zuzana drew our Christmas Card this year.  We have had a Robin visit our garden most winters and it seemed right that we had him on our Christmas card – it was an easy team decision.  Minty used her magic touch  during the week in the garden which is now full of white flowers and pussy willow. She came again on Saturday to set the lights up at the front and back,  I must say it looks so lovely sitting in the kitchen with the olive tree and the pots all lit up at night.  So much so that we have decided not to have our Christmas lunch until 5 pm so we can enjoy the spectacle whilst we eat! 

I have written all my Christmas cards and emailed others so for the next couple of days I will be wrapping up presents for friends and colleagues. I have asked Paul to do the gift tags for the fruit cakes – a couple of them I will be decorating  with marzipan and icing and wrapping them in sacking.   I made 30 mince pies last night, hoping that they would last a few days, but they were all eaten within 24 hours!  It’s just the sweets that are left for me to make before the 25th so I will probably start them tomorrow night.  It’s just three days to go……. And our first guests will check in from the 25th for the festive season.