Wednesday 18th August

I was just closing down the computer when I realised I had not written anything for a few days.  Clients have been laid back and appreciative of late, which makes all our lives easier and we can carry out our routine with ease.  This morning when clients told me they were going to Windsor I mentioned that we had a souvenir brochure about the castle.  Just before they were off for the day they asked for said book.

I searched like a headless chicken for the next 10 minutes, all the guest rooms and book shelves looking for the darn book – I was lucky – I found it.  Lesson; don’t mention something to a client unless you know exactly where it is!

We are all looking forward to Thursday – it’s when our lovely Aussies – as they like to call themselves come for approximately 6 weeks.  They have been coming for over ten years and it feels like family coming to stay.  We have already started to prepare the room just how they like it, the books they like to read, a certain chair in their room etc. and also down to the nightcap before lights out!

I have been cooking leftovers today and photographing them for the website and tomorrow I’ll write up the recipes.  Just checked the fridge to decide what hot dish to make for breakfast tomorrow, its going to be pain Perdue (aka French toast) with blueberries and raspberries and maple syrup.

Oh, before I forget, I had a lovely phone call from a potential guest who wants to come and say for nine nights in October.  It would be really great if she does decide to book as when speaking to her she told me that she ran a hotel and French restaurant for many years in Brazil.  Gosh, it would be great to hear her stories and her take on hospitality – you can never stop learning in this industry, this is why I love it so much.

Ps. I said ‘watch this space’ regarding the Lidl roses, they lasted 10 days!!