Wednesday 12th August

This morning my current guests had the addition of a family arriving the night before so I had a full table – they were all from Germany but decided that English would be spoken at the table only!

I don’t speak any languages, its something I have found very difficult to master, after serving so many people I feel a little embarrassed that I have not picked up either French or German.  My defence is that I have been too busy…  I think I was put off learning a language at school when the French nun told me that my accent was terrible.

Lets get back to my guests.  The hot dish of the day was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and homemade dill sauce.  I was thanked very much by a lovely young boy who said they were the best he had ever tasted.  My secret ingredient is a tablespoon of single cream.  With that praise I have asked him to join me in making scrambled eggs tomorrow but the topping we are going to use is Welsh Caviar and the accompaniment is Heston’s Bacon.

Whilst serving breakfast I take time to give my guests suggestions, hints and tips or book restaurants for the guests.  Some people have already worked out their plans and run them by us asking if this is the most efficient way to do things with their time – others have no clue whatsoever and let us plan their day for them.