Tuesday 25th August

It’s been a busy few days on both fronts – B&B and having a birthday party for Chris.  We asked all guests if they would like to join for a drink or two – Bob and Feff said they could come for the meal too which was great and they met several people they had seen the previous year.  The evening was full of laughter, the chinking of glasses and the smell of something delicious.  Paul and I had cooked up a meat feast with salad and grilled vegetables with various herb chutneys.  Desert was a bowl of raspberries and mille feuille and washed down with homemade Limoncello.  The evening ended on the stroke of midnight and the last of the dishes was loaded into the dishwasher by 1am! It was hard getting up this morning for a 7.30am breakfast and making sure the kitchen was looking pukka.  Thankfully the other guests came down a little later and by that time I had cleared the rest of the things away.   Unbeknown to me, one of Chris’s friends had borrowed a pair of Crocs from our shoe rack and when the guests came down this morning they saw their indoor only Crocs outside the back door.  All I could do was apologise, wash them and return them to their temporary home in the shoe rack clean!  I was embarrassed – this happens when friends pop in and feel at home!  Let’s hope the guests will see the lighter side of it at breakfast tomorrow! I also found some great products at the weekend when out and about in the supermarkets – they are SKLR a yogurt from Iceland – quite filling and you don’t need much of it,  and also a wrapped chocolate biscuit from Italy found in Waitrose – totally delicious – Loacker, Tortina ‘dark’. _1070810