Thursday 13th August

The young man took me up on my offer from yesterday and helped me cook breakfast this morning. It was delightful to see him grinning from ear to ear as he turned the bacon and mixed the eggs in a bowl.  He listened and carried out all my instructions to a ‘T’ and presented his dad with perfectly cooked scrambled eggs – and got a cheer from everyone round the table.  It was a very proud moment for that young man.  Also they all got out their mobiles and took a photograph of the Welsh Caviar pot so that when back home they could order it online.  It was a lovely atmosphere of community around the table this morning.  One set of guests were planning a visit to Buckingham Palace – the Queen’s residence is open to the public two months of the year.  The others were going to Madame Tussards.  I really enjoy having families to stay – it’s one of the highlights for me as I have a strong bond with both my sons.

I have English people coming at the weekend and one is the parent of a neighbour.  It’s always nice to have a cross section and I am noticing a lot more English people are having a continental breakfast despite all the stats that you read in the newspapers that we are a cooked breakfast nation.