Sunday 27th September

I have been telling everyone all week that Lidl’s half bottle of champagne at £5.99 is excellent – sometimes just a glass is all you really need so this does just the job.  It’s also affordable to give as a spontaneous present to someone just to see the look of surprise on their face and then their smile. 

The guests all arrived at their slotted times on Friday and I  sent them out to explore the local surrounding area to have a drink and eat at one of our recommendations.  They all met each other at the table for breakfast on Saturday morning. I had already prepped the bircher muesli the day before and layed the table before going to bed, this saves a huge amount of time in the morning. Especially as I had given my assistant the weekend off as she helped out on her day off, due to Chris injuring himself playing football.  It was great at breakfast on Saturday morning and again Sunday, EVERYONE got on from the moment they all met and sat down at the breakfast table. They all had something in common that kept the conversation alive, apart from being at Parklands for the weekend.  It is really special when that happens and it always makes me emotional as this is the magic of being a host and this is why I do it.  You do meet guests where if you had met them in a social setting you would be best friends – it’s those moments when conversing that you find out that you have a lot in common. 

The weather has been great too this weekend and that gives everyone a boost to wake up and enjoy their breakfast looking out of the French doors at the invitingly blue sky. One couple went to Buckingham Palace on a tour, the Aussies spent time with their family and the third couple, from Canada strolled around discovering the local area.  And for the second weekend running, one set of guests went back to the same restaurant two nights in a row as they enjoyed it so much! This is a first for me even after all these years of having guests to stay!

The baking has been postponed until next week as I took full advantage of the weather and worked in the garden, sweeping away all the fallen leaves, dead heading the roses and other flowers. Purdy kept me company as I pottered and swept my way around, which always needs to be looking it’s best just in case the guests wish to make use of the space.