Sunday 13th September

Its Sunday evening and it has been a very hectic 48 hours! Jack came over on Saturday, a freelance photographer who we contract in to photograph the Colour Menus.  The three of us (me, Chris and Jack) worked flat out after the last guests left the breakfast table on Saturday morning taking photos of the produce, the prepping and cooking of the meals and then the table setting.  This is about the fifth time we have worked with a photographer and I am proud to say, our most efficient day so far.  Its no easy task because something might look great when you see it but the camera sometimes sees it differently!  One good thing, we get to eat and drink between shoots – and when it spans over 6 hours that’s not a bad thing as all the cooking smells makes everyone hungry.


I had a full house and everyone that had come to stay was helping their children/grandchildren to relocate as they are starting a new job or the beginning of their academic year.  Everyone sat chatting around the table at breakfast swapping stories of their travel experiences as well as how they found me, two of the three came through Wolsey Lodges and the other by googling Bed & Breakfast Streatham!  It’s nice to know how people discover me as there are so many different outlets nowadays. 

Our Aussies arrive back after their 10 day trip to Barcelona tonight, I am not sure what time they are going to arrive as they were coming via Eurostar. We have another guest arriving, who has been coming to us since 1996! What is so nice, is that his trip always coincides with the Aussies, so for the least ten years they have gotten to know each other whilst eating breakfast together. He is passionate about Fire Stations and trucks coming over each year for the Annual AGM.  He has changed jobs since he first came, he now works at the Airport and has some hilarious tales to tell us each year.  I have stocked up on the bacon and eggs this week as that is his breakfast preference each day, I have never been able to tempt him with any other dish, he is a stickler for routine. Bless! 

My 15 year old Jack Russell is not well today so I will be ringing the vet tomorrow to book her in for a check up.  Purdy by younger one, she is four, is a bit docile tonight which I think is due to the other one being under the weather.

We had a lovely young man arrive earlier today, his brother brought him down from Yorkshire, he is starting Drama School tomorrow, he was only advised 2 weeks ago that he had got in. His parents booked him with us for the week in the hope that he will find more long-term accommodation.  I have asked a neighbour who takes in students and she has a room free from 1st November so he is going to meet her this week. If all goes to plan it means I just have to find a place between now and then for him – one thing less for him to worry about.

I have decided to buy in bulk certain supplies i.e. toilet rolls, washing/dishwasher powder, cleaning materials in 5lt containers and high quality paper napkins (to save ironing). I now have storage space in the loft to be able to do so for the first time but I am going to compare the prices, as I have always bought these products in shops, buying several when there are special deals available. I shall let you know if it works out cheaper or not. 

Talking of supermarkets, I seem to be the only one that fills the large trolley to the brim, sometimes creating a queue behind me which is sometimes not appreciated by fellow customers!  The conveyer belt seems to be getting smaller and smaller as the years go buy – the only time when I see people purchase the same amount of food that I do weekly is during Christmas week when everyone goes bonkers shopping for food and the supermarkets are only closed for maximum 2 days, if that!

 It will  seem a doddle this week with my two sets of regulars and the drama student wants a breakfast to go – so I will have more time to do some cooking with some new products I have found.