Saturday 31st October

It’s been a hectic week for Zuzanna and myself but thankfully my son Paul stepped in to cover for Chris, who has been away for a week, and we managed to get through it without too many dramas. Although, saying that, there were a few hiccups and the added stress of having a tooth extraction!

Gosh, the last time I had a tooth out I was a child. These things are quite traumatic when you hit a certain age!  I didn’t sleep very well the night before as the dentist had to explain to me the worst case scenario and that drilling could take up to an hour.  Someone must have been looking after me at 9 am on Tuesday in the dentist chair, as it only took 12 minutes to my amazement!  I don’t know who was more relieved – the dentist or me! The several drills she had ready for me, weren’t needed.. phew.

I had an unexpected phone call this week from a TV company asking if I could be interviewed about a pilot programme they are thinking of making.  I agreed to meet them but didn’t realise it would take most of the day.  Being filmed was quite nerve-wracking and it was pointed out to me that I used the word ‘umm’ quite a bit and now I can’t stop saying the word. Or maybe I’ve just realised how often I say it – still trying to work that one out!

Talking of guests, we had two sets of repeats this week which is always nice and there was lots to catch up on. Both were on business trips for a few days so there was little time to sightsee and it was a case of trying a local restaurant whose cuisine they don’t usually eat at home, being the main quest.  Indian and Lebanese food were the popular choice for them all.  We also had a lovely lady and her husband who live in Macau for a couple of days. The lady was on a 2 day Sugar Flowers tutorial with a man called Robert Haynes and she has promised to send me some pictures of the finished flowers for my blog.

I found a new muesli cereal this week, called Primrose’s Kitchen – A Naturopathic Diet.  Its raw beetroot and ginger muesli which is absolutely delicious and I have been having it with Almond milk.  Having mentioned a few weeks ago about Harrogate Teas I had chanced upon recently, I went back to buy them and the shelf was bare!  Just my luck. It was the same with the half bottles of Champagne I bought for £5.99 several weeks back.  Several things I mention in my blog seem to be out of stock when I go back for them. Hopefully Primrose’s Kitchen will still be on the shelf!

Finally – I just had to take a picture of the lilies I was given last weekend by friends who came for supper, they have filled the hallway with a lovely scent all week, I shall be sad to throw them out.