Saturday 26th July

I was asked many years ago to do a blog by a close girlfriend as she said my life never had a dull moment.  I think I lead a very normal life, the only difference I can see is that I have never known a year since my early 20’s when I have not had a lodger (even when I was married!) or shared my home.  But friends and other hosts have told me that my life should be a book!  I started reading other people’s blogs for research purposes.  I thought about this for a year or so and started trying it out this spring.  I eventually found my voice and here it is…….  Now I wish I had kept a diary from the beginning all those years ago!

I kept putting off writing my blog –a bit like me and diets – so I made a silent promise to myself that I would start it the day I returned from my week in Wales and that was on the 25th July 2015!

Returning from a week away always brings about a clear out.  By that, I mean on my return, I see things with a fresh pair of eyes and decide to rearrange an area that is not as efficient as it could be.  Cupboards and fridges always take the brunt of my new found efficiency.  I also do a stock take of jars and tins in the cellar and rearrange what I want used up first, and this practise I run throughout my home, encompassing the laundry cupboard, fridges, equipment etc. and last of all t-towels!

August is a busy month for guests and also when my team want some time off (which is understandable)  so for several days in August I am on my own and need to know I have everything.

We had a lovely guest arrive the night before I came back.  He had been here with his parents several years earlier and wanted to bring his partner and introduce her to the B&B experience and show her London too!  Gosh, I was flattered and then I thought – I have been doing this job far too long!  With B&B if you had a good experience when you are young, you will continue to do it throughout your life, first bring your partner, and later your children and perhaps grandchildren.  Also arriving this week was a couple with their delightful daughter who accompanied me on a few dog walks – both of my dogs were totally besotted with her as she was with them.  We also had another return visitor who came with a conductor – he was just like the professor in Back to the Future.  I love it when guests sit at my table as complete strangers and end up friends by the end of the stay.

No one this week asked me about the weather which makes a change.  I was asked for a cooked breakfast and put my twist on it and introduced the table to my new finds from Wales.  Welshman’s Caviar (seaweed) and Mermaid Confetti (again seaweed and Angelsey seasalt).


The compliments on their scrambled eggs rang in my ears all morning!  I always smile to myself when I introduce something new to someone; it is a very warm feeling.  All the guests left within 24 hours of each other and the house was quiet for two days – a rare occurrence but much appreciated – so I could write up my thoughts on hospitality and how I was going to write about sally n stuff.