Saturday 17th October

This week I have had two rooms booked for over seven days each, which is a nice change from the two to three nights that are common practice.  It makes a nice change to get to know the guests over a longer period and on the operation side, less work and waiting time. Everyone has gone for a healthy option breakfast with plenty of fruit and vegetables and I have been making a different Bircher muesli each day, I varied it – seeds and nuts one day (pictured above), dried fruit another and then back to my tried and tested recipe with a dollop of cream.  

Our recommendations of local restaurants have also gone down well with the guests coming back saying that they had a lovely time and the food was great. 

We also arranged an evening where guests of ours went to share a meal together at a local restaurant, even though they were staying down the corridor from each other had not yet met. One of them was a gentleman who was on a course at St George’s hospital, who had to be out of the front door by 7.30am each morning, so he missed breakfast and the chance to meet the rest of our guests.

I rang up the restaurant, thinking that they would get on and so I told them my plan and after a bit of explaining that yes they were staying with us and no they have not met. They put two tables together and were told to look out for the customers at around 7.30pm and explain to whoever arrived first that they were going to be joined for dinner.  

They both arrived within a short time of each other and sat down to enjoy their meal. The next day the three of them thanked me for the intro and all  of them said what an enjoyable evening it was. It felt great to arrange something like this and I am very glad that they all had lots to talk about! 

I have been doing the book-keeping this week, it’s a good idea to keep on top of things, and as the bank and cc statements came through the post this week, I thought I had better do catch up.  My accountant is working on a programme for me that will make it much easier and I will be able to analyse everything monthly.  Food does jump up in price especially out of season fruit, so I do try and always buy seasonally.  I also made a compote of blueberries as one of the toppings for the yogurt and I have now included Lemon Curd as one of the condiments at breakfast, it’s delicious not only on yogurt but on croissants too!

I mentioned last week about Taylor’s Fruit Teas – well the favourite is Sweet Rhubarb and I have just given three sachets to Ali my gardener this afternoon who popped in on her way back from a dog walk on the common.  I know what I am going to get her for Christmas….. Fruit Teas!