Monday 9th November

I spent longer than usual this weekend in traffic, the supermarkets were choc-a-bloc with cars and in the end I eventually found a supermarket with a parking space after visiting three different locations! It very much reminded me of shopping the week before Christmas. I normally do my weekly shop on a Thursday or Friday evening but had delayed it because I had wanted to buy a whole salmon, which was for a meal (menu below) I was preparing for a group of  guests (five ladies). They have been coming to visit each year for the last ten years, so I wanted to show my appreciation as much as enjoy a social occasion with them by cooking and sharing a meal with them!

_1100339On Sunday afternoon I called upon both sons to help me in the kitchen, one did a salsa verde and the desert which was individual chocolate melting pots and the other one made a foaming hollandaise.  The guests were a group of friends who meet and play cards once a month for money and the winnings they save over a period of time and put towards a trip away, this time it was London.  

There has been much laughter and chatter in the house and they have left Parklands from mid-morning to return at midnight most evenings having had a great time in London visiting galleries, museums, shopping and even squeezing in an afternoon tea at a well-known hot spot. 

Sunday evening was also one the of the highlights of their stay – as they put it “Supper cooked by Sally!”  I did three courses, a main, cheeses and then a desert.

 They taught me the card games they played and I must have had beginners luck as I won all the tricks in the first round, the last game I played I undid all the good and lost all the points and was in deficit.  It was a fun evening and a late one as well as on the stroke of midnight it was one of the party’s birthday so a glass of champagne was in order. We all sang Happy Birthday in English for my benefit. Before everyone went to bed, I proposed that breakfast be an hour later and there was a cheer around the table!


Poached Salmon with foaming hollandaise

Spinach, rocket, cucumber, tomato, and chive salad with salsa verde

Miniature new potatoes



Blue Shropshire

Sheeps Gouda

Honey baked grapes

Green Grapes

Three seeded biscuits


Chocolate Melting Pots with cream