Monday 7th December

December is an unpredictable month for B&B, just when you think you will be busy you are not.  As a result of the terror attacks in Paris there have been fewer enquiries from overseas and the only enquiries I have had this past 10 days or so are for May, June and July which doesn’t help me at the moment because between Easter and the end of the summer holidays there is always work to be had.  It’s a worrying time for everyone in the travel industry when there are these threats. 

On a lighter note I have been back and forth to the supermarkets buying the ingredients to make a Christmas Granola. I had some egg whites left over after making some chocolate fondants so decided to make a chocolate mousse.  I had been given a recipe a couple of years ago from a girlfriend who always makes it when her daughter in law and grandchildren come to stay.  It’s made with the Dark Toblerone – its three ingredients, chocolate, egg whites and cream, it’s very quick and easy to make and great to have as a second desert during the Christmas festivities’ especially as everyone loves chocolate.

Since my op, I have to go to the clinic weekly for check-ups and the nice part of the day is afterwards as I am in Marylebone and it is about a 15-minute walk down to Selfridges and St Christopher’s Place. This has got to be one of my favourite areas to walk through as there are so many cafes, restaurants, designer shops and galleries. 

It’s a trip down memory lane for me as I used to work in this area in the late 1970s for a TV company. I must say the cafes, restaurants and bars on Friday afternoon looked very Christmassy and  it inspired me to pop into a couple of florists at the weekend to pick a wreath for the front door. I also rang a girlfriend who is great with all things to do with flowers and she never fails to create a great theme for both inside and outside the house. 

I even drove this evening around a few back streets to see what some homes were doing to get further inspiration. Most of them had lights of various styles whilst others were more adventurous with lit reindeer, Christmas trees and all sorts of other decorations.

Last night I made the Granola (recipe will be up tomorrow!) and it is resting in trays to be bagged up tomorrow for Christmas presents – gosh it’s only 18 days to go! I also did a little experiment this morning testing out a tuna carpaccio that I found in Lidl this week. I served it alongside the salmon with a mustard and dill dressing as well as a herb mix – dill, parsley, coriander, chopped finely and mixed with olive oil and salt.