Monday 19th October

It’s Monday morning and our lovely Australians left promptly at 7.15 am, they had booked a driver to pick them up and whisk them off to LHR for the start of their return journey back to Canberra. Purdy was upset to see them depart, as soon as she saw the suitcases, she started to get into a bit of a state. Chris has taken her out for an early morning walk to cheer her up.  The wife had taken Purdy out for a walk a few times in the late afternoon after sightseeing, she is a huge dog lover and the walks reminded her of her son’s dog back home, called Diesel who is a Jug (half Pug, half Jack Russel). 

We had Wendy and her daughter for supper last night, Bethany was in charge of making a Banoffee Pie whilst I made a Lemon Curd Steamed Pudding. I decided to cook a traditional Sunday Roast of Chicken with bread sauce, roast potatoes and root vegetables. The bread sauce was a hit with both Wendy and her daughter who had never tried it before. I have promised to send them the recipe as well as the Aussies who tried some before heading to bed to watch Downton Abbey. Seeing as with most of my recipes I do it by eye,  I will have to make another one and make sure the measurements are accurate!

After purchasing the rug the other week, it also spurred me on to do a little research for cushions.  I went on Pinterest and  Ebay just to get a few ideas and also popped out to a couple of department stores.  I finally settled on some cushions and a large throw and I am expecting them to arrive at the end of the week – I am hoping they will work in two of the guestrooms as I have chosen neutral colours that will work with my loft ensuite and twin with private bathroom. This way I can update the rooms without having to break the bank! 

As all the guests have preferred healthy options this week – I have done a different style of Bircher and fresh fruit each day. I decided yesterday  to do a different combo of hummus, avocado, endamame and pea, cucumber and grated beetroot and it was polished off by everyone (pictured above).

It has been a great ten days at Parklands, the guests have been so lovely and we have had hugs from everyone and promises of coming back again – this is when you know you have done a good job!