Monday 16th November

The whole weekend has been tinged with sadness as the tragic and terrifying events in Paris were televised on our screens late Friday evening with the full aftermath slowly unfolding on Saturday and Sunday.  All our thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones.   

At Parklands we had a call from a family saying that they were unable to arrive on the Friday night due to work commitments so we suggested that they get here for a delicious breakfast on the Saturday morning which would set them up for the rest of the day with all the things they had planned to do with their young ones – Hamleys being high on the agenda.  I nipped out early Saturday morning to our local artisan bakery and bought several loaves, they have a bigger selection at Dee Light Bakery at the weekend so I took full advantage and bought traditional tin loaves, sourdough bread and an olive ciabatta.  We have been using sourdough bread on a regular basis and it goes especially well with our avocado and bacon twist.

We also decided to rearrange the office this weekend as Chris decided he wanted to be in the same area as Zuzana and me – so we dismantled our sofa and paid Ikea a visit on Saturday night (when it’s not so crowded with shoppers) and picked up a neat desk.  So Monday morning saw an office with a new look and three desks! 

I invited my guest who is staying for a few weeks to experience a traditional Sunday roast dinner – I also invited friends of Chris and Paul and the menu was roast pork with all the trimmings and I made Mary Berry’s Chocolate Roulade which got lots of oo’s and aaa’s as it is quite a festive dessert.  This cheered us all up as we’d all felt heavy shouldered over the weekend.

Recipe will be online tomorrow!!