Monday 12th October

It was again another fine weekend, blue sky and sunshine – this has a big impact on the guests.  They get off to a quicker start so as to make the most of the good weather.  By 10 am everyone had left the B&B on their way into town!

The new rug  arrived as well  for the Den, I purchased it online from The Rug Seller, a first for me,  as I normally like to have a prowl round the shops when buying an item over a certain price.  But trying to find a parking meter when you want one is never easy on Northcote Road, Wandsworth and I am finding I am buying more major items than ever before online.  I do my research and spend a good while thinking about it before I press the ‘pay’ button.    The verdict is that it has lightened up the room and now I will go out and find some cushions to bring all the colours together so this will be my Autumn / Winter look.


Still feeling creative, I decided to bake some cakes.  I had promised a cake to the owner of my local Italian when I bumped into him at the local supermarket a week or so ago  so I took one of the Chocolate and Banana ones (pictured above).  When I popped in to see them in the restaurant there was a lovely smell of dishes being cooked.  The restaurant looked amazing, they were expecting a wedding party and had decorated the restaurant in pink and white. I also made another cake, inspired by the Rose and Lemonade fruit tea, searching through the cupboards to see what I could make. I came up with a Lemon and Lavender cake!

My Australian clients arrived midday yesterday, they have been on the road for three weeks and now are based with me for a week and have tickets for the quarterfinals on Saturday at Twickenham.  I sat down with them when they arrived over a cup of tea, I also introduced them to the dogs and we chatted about the area, transportation links as well as who else was staying in the house.  It was the wife Glenys at breakfast this morning who updated me about our Eucalyptus tree, I have now found out that it is a Yellow Box, most common in Canberra and that Koala’s love them!  It was wonderful to be told this as it is not just any old Eucalyptus! 


I will have to really use my imagination this week as I have two sets of guests for 8 nights and will have to come up with some variations over the next few days, I have already introduced them to poached grapes with honey and black pepper.  Will sign off now as I need to come up with some breakfast ideas to keep them interested each morning!