Friday 2nd October

The week did not get off to a good start… Zuzana my assistant came to work on Monday with the flu. I packed her off home and told her to stay in bed until she felt better.  Already I could see the week was going to be challenging. Looking at the diary I just had two one nighters until Friday. By lunchtime on Monday the rooms were filling up and by 6 pm I was turning away work. That’s how this industry works – you always have to be prepared for sudden change and make sure the rooms are always guest ready! What this also meant was a quick check in the fridges to see where I may need stocking up and planning a night trip to the supermarket to get some breakfast top ups.

One of my guests this week had been before and he was flying in to see a football game and combine it with a business meeting the next day.  We also had a Canadian lady stop over for one night en route to see family.  She was an ardent fan of Wolsey Lodges and that is how she found us and booked.  We also had a delightful gentleman, originally from Nottingham, whose  mother-in-law had found us and had made a provisional booking. After three days, we had converted him with our hosting skills and he promised to stay with us again when he next comes to London. I think he will keep his promise!  He liked a late breakfast and we obliged. He was a bacon, eggs, and fried bread fan. 


 I have started to change the throws and cushions in the bedrooms this week to our winter colours to make it cosier, as the evenings are drawing in and it’s getting dark by 7.30pm. I have also set the heating system now as the nights are also nippy – I never feel the cold as I am always on the ‘go’, but guests are more sensitive to the temperature and most Europeans have the heating on at night in their own home.  I have mine set to go off at midnight and come back on at 6.30am.

We were very excited this week as our order for business cards from Moo arrived.  Unfortunately, only mine and Deborah’s were correct, Chris has got to wait for a reprint and the bonus was that we were sent someone else’s too! A certain tenor out there is missing half of his order… The customer service team were very apologetic and are sending us a new batch pro-bono. 


It’s now midnight and I have an early start tomorrow, first is breakfast for a mother and daughter who arrived at 6 pm this evening, then I am off to the local Farmer’s market followed by the supermarket to restock but also because I have got some baking to do too as promised.