Friday 11th September

On the Monday I had  an earlier start than planned, as one of my guest’s was anxious as it was his first day in his new job. He was up at 6am instead of 7am and was down for breakfast at 7.15 instead of 7.45.  I know this sounds very petty but when you have a routine and it goes completely out the window you still have to keep calm and professional – even after all these years it does throw you somewhat, especially when it’s a Monday morning!  

Anyway, it meant I took one of my dogs (Purdy) for an early morning walk, so she was very pleased.  It was stunning in the woods with the sun dappling through the trees.  I met another dog walker who like me, was taking their dog for their morning exercise before heading to work.  We decided to walk together and chat, she was absolutely charming and told me it was her first day back teaching dance.  Whilst on the common we came across a chap standing in the grass facing the sun with just a pair of shorts on – it reminded me of the musical ‘Hair’ and the song ‘let the sun shine in’. He was athletically built and stood motionless as a statue completely oblivious of the two dogs chasing after their balls thrown by their owners.   

I went to one of my independent shops as well this week to see their selection of vegetables and fruit, I came back with several bags as well as some trays of nectarines, peaches and figs. I poached some of the nectarines in white wine and vanilla and served them with yogurt and granola at breakfast. The rest of the fruit got devoured before I had time to think about recipes because anyone popping over this week  spotted them on a platter in the kitchen and asked if they could eat one as they looked so delicious and inviting!  How could I say no!


As well this week,  I had another two German ladies staying who went to see Benedict Cumberbatch at the Barbican.  My only consolation is that I did go and see Bradley Cooper in Elephant Man with my friend Linda in July…

We had a Canadian girl arrive with her father on Wednesday, she is starting a three year course at The Royal Ballet this week. We have another young man booked from Sunday for a week and he is attending an Acting Academy in Wandsworth. Tonight we have had two sets of guests arrive, the first has brought their grandchildren’s belongings down for the start of term and the other, a lovely lady from the midlands has helped her son relocate to London, hoping for his big break in music. It’s that time of year when many young people are on the move, starting a new job, attending an academy or university, either way they are all starting a new chapter in their lives. I wish them all the best!

I have also found the roads to be full of traffic in my area and that’s because all the schools went back this week.  I suppose it’s a sign, the summer is over and we have the Autumn to look forward to. I have now set the heating to come on in the early evening and to go off at 11pm so the guests if they have come from a warmer climate are not cold.  If they are too hot, there is always the window! 

We have a full house for the next several days so I am going to have to conserve my energy – I am stocked up on provisions and the fridges are completely full!  I just hope they all have healthy appetites over the coming days…