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Chalk & Cheese

This week has been one of those weeks when you wonder why you host!

I had the most delightful Texan come and stay for a few days that was working in the area.  As soon as he walked through the door (he booked via a channel manager) it was how I would describe the perfect scenario of greeting a stranger who was coming to stay for a few days.

He was reciprocal, relaxed, glad to have gotten to his destination and happy with his accommodation and when asked if he would like some Coffee & Cake in the kitchen he seemed delighted.  In fact, we all three (my two sons and I) and he hit it off from the start and for the next three evenings he joined us in the kitchen for Coffee & Cake before retiring for the night and when he checked out, he booked a couple of nights for the following week.

That is your perfect guest.

The same week I had two other guests check in, no communication whatsoever, eyes down, no contact just a mutter, wearing a hoodie so I could not see their faces very well.

Being a seasoned host I can usually get a sentence out of someone but not this pair.  They came and went, slamming the front door, going out at 9 pm most nights and coming back the worse for wear at 4 am and then arguing and waking me up (thankfully no one else).

They raided the cupboard on the landing where I stock all the bedding taking out several sheets, the room was a mess, they were also smoking in the room.  On the day of check out which is 11 am, they did not want to leave until 1.15pm (new guests can check in from 2 pm) and took with them my bath sheets.

I am hoping they will not book again with the channel manager as I will have to refuse the booking on the grounds of smoking in the room and inconsiderate behaviour towards other guests staying.

These were two sets of guests that were at either end of the scale for me as a host.

I was stressed having guests that were inconsiderate, crashed around drunk at night, argued for an hour shouting at 4 am, yes it does come with the territory when you offer rooms, I get that, but if I did not have my sons living with me I would feel very vulnerable.

I am a great supporter of the sharing economy and booking platforms but instances as above are becoming more the norm than ever before.

It’s a shame that no one wants to pick up the phone and check to see if a room is available and book it over the phone. 

Booking a room now is so easy and it is being treated the same way as booking a seat at the Odeon cinema. 

Such a shame as being a host I do miss not talking to someone before they book as you can get a blueprint in your mind before they come to stay.