Birds Galore

Birds Galore

This Christmas I asked close friends to buy me something for the garden.

The reason being is that it’s something I look out onto every day, I spend many evenings in the summer sitting outside with a glass of something talking with friends and guests.

It’s where my two dogs lounge and sunbathe on a hot sunny day.

Just like the jewelry in my bedrooms, I like to see it change with the seasons.

I have a lovely girlfriend who comes and helps me preen and pimp it up meaning that over the course of a year the garden has 3 different looks.

My favourite month is mid-April when my wisteria which is in the shape of an umbrella flowers – sadly for only a short while – and then throughout the summer it becomes a stunning lush green umbrella and bows with the weight of the branches covered in its green glory.


I also love Winter, especially at night when the garden lights are on and the fairy lights are wrapped around the trees, giving the garden that added atmosphere.

At Christmas, I was given several types of bird feeders. I have had a bird bath for many years but it was always a battle with the neighbourhood cats and squirrels as I live close to woods and a park. So it was rare that I would see many birds taking a bath.

I have been lucky this year, since hanging out three feeders for the birds, hanging at different height and trees, spread across the garden they have flocked in their dozens.


There have been sparrows, robins, blue tits (we now have a nest in our Eucalyptus) starlings, jays, magpies and one rather large pigeon, we have named Bert!

I get a lot of joy watching the birds feeding, guests included, it’s wonderful to watch.

I have even been more conscious of my dogs haring out into the garden, barking and scaring them off.  I am hoping that I am going to be the garden to go to for the birds in the area!