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Art Tea Drinks

Out of all London’s attractions, Art galleries are by far my most frequented. I am a member of the Tate, Dulwich Picture Gallery, the RA, and most recently the V&A, which has hosted some of the most exciting events of the last couple years – David Bowie and Freda Kahlo and now Dior.

I have already penciled a Friday to visit in the coming weeks! I cannot wait, I was so upset to have missed the Alexander McQueen exhibitions a few years ago that I now make a note in my diary of the end date so as not to forget.

The one problem of having all these wonderful museums, galleries, gardens and markets is that you often put it off telling oneself ‘I can always go another day…’

For any readers who are interested, there is the Viola & Angelo as well as the Constable/ Turner at the RA, I have been told by a guest, who works in the art world they are well worth a visit. Whilst Tate Modern is hosting Pierre Bonnard, I love visiting the Tate in the evening as they have opened up the top of the tower to all visitors and not just members now. London comes to life in the dark with splashes of colour illuminating various buildings all along the river.

Recommendations are part and parcel of being a B&B host and this time of year many of our guests are taking advantage of the cheap theatre tickets, so I have been recommending the American Bar at the Savoy as a pre or post theatre nightcap.

Afternoon teas are always popular, my favourite three are Browns, Corinthia, and Langhams, the best website for more information is you can see their menus, some of which are themed, and see for yourself which takes your fancy.

I must say since placing hospitality trays in our rooms I have lost a dozen or so teaspoons! Seriously, why!? It is more annoying than anything. The other item which has gone missing are copies of Vogue magazines … All my copies of the Kate Middleton Edition have disappeared which is really upsetting as I bought three and now I have none. It’s things like this that make you regret putting nice additions in the room if they just go missing…

I checked online to get a replacement only to discover that they are going for £100 each on eBay. I knew it would become a collector’s item but not that kind of collector’s item. I shall be more cautious next time.

Anyway, lesson learned.

I have been making marmalade these past weeks as well as serving oranges in syrup at the breakfast table. Not wanting to waste anything, I have been cutting and then blanching the orange peel before crystalising them and creating sweets out of them.

I am building up a small army of them, some of which I shall dip in dark chocolate, to give to the guests upon arrival as well as gifts to friends and family. Which I take great delight in!

Till next time,

Sally X