Tuesday 1st September

Well the weather was a real dampener for all our guests, it was dark and overcast most mornings at breakfast and everyone was asking was it going to rain all day!  Plans for visiting parks changed to museums and believe it or not, they all ate more as they were not in a hurry to go outside and get wet!  We had two lovely students who had a breakfast to go as they had to be at school in central London for 8.30am and the rest of the guests took their breakfast leisurely.  The bad weather must have put people off coming to London as I had an empty room over the bank holiday weekend which was unusual.  I took full advantage of the situation and spent a couple of hours writing my b&b stories.

 The password was disabled and the website went live @ 9.40pm yesterday night and I made Chris, Deborah and myself a champagne cocktail.  Haven’t made those for many years  – recipe below!  


Serves 4

1 Bottle of Champagne

Angostura Bitters


Sugar Cubes


 Place a sugar cube in each glass

Put 2 dashes of Angostura onto the sugar cube

Add 1/3 oz of Cognac/Brandy

Pour the Champagne equally between the four glasses

We have got a full house from tonight so I legged it out to the supermarkets to buy fruit, bakery, flowers and anything else that caught my fancy in the isles.  I found some great flavoured chocolate bars, one was orange and the other rosemary.  And I bought the milk version of the Loacher chocolate biscuits that I had bought a few weeks before as they were proving popular amongst guests and all of us.  I am buying biscuits in small packages for a couple of reasons, one it stops me eating what gets left and I think it looks good to put a glass bowl with a selection of biscuits out on the table when people first arrive and I offer them a refreshment….


 I ordered some books all about breakfasts last week and they arrived at the weekend – so off to do some homework/reading and will share my findings.